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It's just words


Can't deny the power,
the power of the word.
Sounds that make feel higher,
waves that can disturb.
Words can bring you love,
a job, a house, the world!
The spell forever evolve,
not fixed, it’s absurd.

A child is celebrated,
as it casts the first word.
The longer hesitated,
the further parents hurt.
For today we have science,
the word that shall be heard.
Says nobody should be silent,
we should sing it like a bird.

Shapeless by nature,
anything can be a word.
Like ciphers of the ancient,
into minds forever wove.
Yet words have no mean,
they speak to whom is told.
Nonsense as it seem,
some are rubbish, others gold.

The word was the beginning. 
It was a god, it was a word.
I wonder though the meaning,
of the pain I shall endure.
Maybe it doesn't matter,
if was good or if was worse.
It can always get better!
In the end, it's just words...