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Anger, Shame, don't be stranger.
Do not live it to your fame.
Have I been the lonely ranger?
Come and greet me. Oh shame!

Cause long I've been waiting.
Kiss your cold twisted lips.
The craving never fading.
Squeeze poems like tits.

When us is just the two-of,
I can't enjoy the touch.
Be better simply jerk off.
Then take the sucker punch.

Three of us, however,
can't sum can only see.
Crazy is whomever.
Jackpot! Twenty-three!

Sages know the magick.
Chemists make it three and two.
Creativity sparks the static, 
Grease the wheel choo choo!

Me to start is only fair.
I'm the one who did scatter.
Avoiding rush now I dare.
Let us settle on this matter.

Today tell you together,
with me neither contender.
My arms shall tether.
Cause to both of I surrender!